1. What loan products are offered by CM.tech?
CM.tech offers loans to both SMEs and individuals.

2. How are the interest rate set?
For loan with collateral, the interest rate will be 12% or less per annum. For loan without collateral, interest rate will be 18%  or less per annum.
3. How much can I borrow and for how long?
CM.tech’s loan range from RM1,000 to RM2,000,000 with flexible loan duration terms, subject to CM.tech’s assessment.
4. What documents are required for the loan application?

  1. Front & back copy of NRIC
  2. Latest EPF statement (kindly print at EPF counter or Kiosk), or
  3. Latest 3 months’ salary slip/ 6 months’ salary slip (for non-permanent staff or if commission-based) and
  4. Latest 3 months’ bank account statement/ 6 months’ bank account statement (for non-permanent staff or if commission-based)
  5. Statements to confirm income credited into account
  6. Bank saving account passbook or bank statement (for verification purposes)
  7. Latest B/E Form and tax payment receipt (upon request)

If Self-employed (SME)

  1. Front & back copy of NRIC
  2. Company Business Registration Certificate (ROC & ROB) / Form 9/24/49 or Form D, and
  3. Latest 6 months Company’s principle current account statement, either or
  4. Latest update bank saving account passbook or bank statement, either or
  5. Latest B/E form and tax payment receipt
5. What type of collateral is acceptable by CM.tech?
Land and/or landed properties
6. How long is the approval process?
All applications will be processed and approved on a best effort basis. This is subject to CM.tech’s receipt of all mandatory documentation listed and information required.
7. How do I make repayments?
Repayments can be made via direct debit/online transfer.
8. How is the loan disbursed once the facility has been approved?
You are required to sign the Schedule J or K Agreement and other corresponding agreements. Funds will bet transferred online or a cheque may be deposited (depending on the amount borrowed) to either your savings or current account of your choice.
9. Can I choose or change my repayment dates?
You loan offer will set out your direct debit repayment schedule.
10. Are there any fees or charges for late repayments?
If you are finding it difficult to make a payment, call us immediately. Whether you need short-term or medium-term assistance with your repayments, our loan professionals can help.
11. What if I need personal assistance?
Please drop us a message on our ‘Contact Us’ page or call us on +603 7498 1193.