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Welcome to Community Marketplace Technology Sdn Bhd (CM.tech).

Since 2016, CM.tech has been providing world class financial solutions via our experienced professionals harnessing the power of business intelligence through our algorithm based lending platform.

Malaysia Digital Banking Consortium Memorandum of Understanding

CM.tech has been selected by a consortium led by China Construction Bank to bid for Malaysia’s first Digital Bank license. CM.tech armed with financial knowledge, e-economy, and it’s vast retail experience is honored and humbled.


CM.Tech Announces Partnership on Malaysia’s  Single     Mobility as a Service Platform

MALAYSIA, 9 September 2020 – Community Marketplace Technology Sdn Bhd (‘CM.Tech”) today signed an agreement with Prasarana Integrated Development Sdn Bhd (“PRIDE”), a subsidiary of Prasarana Malaysia, to co-develop MyRapidtap, Malaysia’s single Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) application.
The signing ceremony took place at an event attended by En. Firdaus Effendy Mokhtar, Chief Executive Officer of PRIDE, En. Herbert Poh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CM.Tech.
Prasarana and CM.Tech are working hand-in-hand to develop and promote MyRapidtap, an all-in-one transport application that offers commuters the use of a single application to access to mobility, lifestyle, payment and financial services.
The vision of MyRapidtap is to provide users with better mobility experiences and make urban commuting more sustainable. It complements Prasarana’s vision of expanding public transport ridership in Malaysia. MyRapidtap will be officially launched by December 2020.



  Strategic Collaboration with Prasarana

MyRapidtap will enable transactions between consumers and businesses and offer financial services to unbanked customer.

Collaboration with HUAWEI 

Leading the 4th industrial revolution with our Huawei partnership with a high-performance digital ecosystem.

The Must Go-to App: MyRapidtap

MyRapidtap. Convenience in one app.
We are fast moving towards becoming a cashless society. Use MyRapidtap for:

  • QR code payment
  • Plan your journey with Journey Planner
  • Shopping  & Retail eWallet
  • Cashless Ticketing

A Bit About Us

We focus on helping organisations embrace technology and innovation to drive revenue, reduce cost and risks.

Our clients include:
Software Companies
Financial Services
Transportation Companies

Our strengths lie in data analytics and transformation to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Our Mission

In the age of technology disruption, we help guide companies going through strategic change and assist in the flawless execution of those strategies. Our role is to act as a sousing board and provide actionable insights for the changing face of the customer.

Our Strength

Digital Transformation

Analytics & New Technology