5 Credit Cards with Low Fees You Need to Know About

Credit cards that are affordable and come with no annual fees are out there
Yes, you read that right! While credit cards often get a bad rep for being expensive, debt-inducing pieces of plastic, many are actually quite wallet-friendly.

When used responsibly, good credit cards can help you save more with cashback rewards, big discounts and convertible loyalty points, in addition to worthwhile freebies like free insurance.

Better credit cards will help you hold on to these savings by waiving annual fees, charging low interest/profit rates on balances, and is just generally inexpensive to carry.

1. Citi Simplicity+ Card
How would you like to get cashback on credit card interest charges? Well, with this card, you can! Earn as much as 10% cashback for the billing period – with no cap.

You will have to pay at least the minimum by its due date to be eligible for the 10% cash back on interests.

The interest rates are quite typical though; from 15% p.a. to 18% p.a. However, annual fees are waived and there are no late or over limit fees charged!

There’s only one thing you may not love about this card, which is the balance transfer rate of 8.99% p.a. for 12 months.

However, the current promo might smooth things over for you: you’ll be entitled to a 20” trolley bag and/or RM200 cashback with a minimum retail spend of RM1,500 during stated qualifying period, swiped within 60 days from card’s approval date.

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